Apply Once and Shine For Years

Wipe New - Easy To Use - Lasts For Years
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Wipe New car care is an excellent cleaner that removes water spots and rain marks. buy wipe new It works perfectly for dashboards, bumpers, consoles, hubs, wheels, mirrors and seats made of leather or vinyl. It brings out the natural color and luster of the car without leaving scars and bruises. Truly Wipe New car care is the most innovative car cleaning formulation that answers cleaning woes. It minimizes time and effort and it is cost saving. It is great for busy people because it does not need much time to clean and protects the car from grime and dust. Base on wipe new car reviews, most customers are satisfied with the satisfactory result of this quality product. A bottle of Wipe New car care is economical and it can last for a long time since only a few drops are needed when cleaning the car. It penetrates to the surface easily giving the car protection from UV rays, salt, and chemicals. It does not need meticulous preparation because it is ready to use. Only a single wipe is needed to clean the surface.

Wipe New Features:

Wipe New car care offers countless of features that make it the most sought after car care formulation. It is a revolutionary car cleaner used by car racers, businessmen and professionals. It is easy to apply on hard-to-reach surfaces and it gives ample layer of protection to the car. This versatile car care formulation also works best for boats, motorcycles, speed boats and RV. Wipe new customer reviews give Wipe New car care thumbs up because it has the ability to restore and protects the car with a single stroke giving the car a new look.

Formulation of Wipe New:

There is no other car cleaner that offers longer protection than Wipe New. In fact, wipenew reviews recommend car owners to use this amazing product because it gives permanent cosmetic result since it does not require them to reapply it. Silicone based products are things of the past because Wipe New gives car a brand new look by restoring its original luster and color. It has nano-polymer formula that restores its showroom appearance. It protects the car from harsh ingredients that may get in contact during repair; it removes harsh effects from acid rain and chemical formulation from previous car cleaning products.

Top Quality Car Care with Wipe New:

Car care with wipe new offers enduring quality that will last for over two years. It restores the car’s showroom appeal making it cost effective and maintains the car’s value.

Cost Effective

Wipe new review is always positive for Wipe New car care because it saves hundreds of dollars in buying car restorer products. A few drops of this high quality product can clean two cars because its droplets are thick. When cleaning both the exterior and interior parts of the car, it will only need three ounces of the car restorer. The extra droplets can also be applied on the motorbike. Always make sure that before applying it, the surfaces are clean from grime, grease and dust. The luster and finish stay for years even after washing the car.

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What’s in the restorer kit?

The restorer kit is composed of 1.5 ounce Wipe New bottle, two applicator cloths, one headlight applicator, one headlight prep pad, one detail brush and a pair of nitrile gloves. Observations: Wipe New car care smells like a fresh garden scent. It greets with a waft of leathery smell that is addicting. The odor is refreshing and has cooling effect while inside the car. Its color is pleasing to the eyes. Wipe new produces a soapy lather, its lubricity is excellent and it gives satisfactory cleaning result. It is easy to rinse and it does not leave sudsy marks on the surface.


Wipe New car care is a must have car cleaning solution for car owners, car racers and motocross riders because it restores the natural finish and sheen of the car. It makes the car look like new again thus it saves a lot of money in buying other brands of car care products. One application is enough to keep the car shine, maintaining its value. This amazing formulation is eco friendly and it does not leave a nasty odor while cleaning the car. Little time and effort is needed, and presto, the car shimmers like brand new. For busy people, this car restorer is exactly what you are looking for!